Public Relations

There is nothing more powerful in today’s business world than an unbiased recommendation or an objective affirmation. And that’s why the value of PR has never been stronger. At BlueIvy Communications, we are focused on building each of our client’s brands in the media through proactive and strategic public relations. BlueIvy Communications provides a full range of public relations services for our clients, including:

  • Press Releases: Utilizing media-genic language and SEO-friendly terms, we draft and edit press releases that clearly communicate your company’s message in a way that is attractive and interesting to your target media.
  • Media Alerts: In cases where a business or organization is communicating an event or specific happening, a media alert may be the best option as it focuses on the who, what, when and where and can quickly convey the important information to the right audience.
  • Media Lists: Equally important to the information contained in a press release is the quality of the media outlets it is distributed to and the relationships your PR agency has with local, national and trade media.
  • News Release Distribution: After the press release has been drafted, BlueIvy Communications can distribute the release to targeted media through partnerships with individual outlets as well as wire services.
  • Media Pitching: The ability to craft and ultimately “pitch” a story to our clients’ targeted media lists is a critical skill in today’s business world – and one that BlueIvy Communications has aced.
  • Media Training: Unsure if you are ready to talk to the media about your business? Let BlueIvy Communications’ expert media trainers guide you through the process and the actual interview!


Regardless of the advancements in technology today, communications in the business world will not be replaced. As Robert Kent, former dean of Harvard Business School eloquently said, “In a business, communication is everything.” Why? Because communication is how businesses relate to, talk to and ultimately “sell” to all key stakeholders, including employees, customers, media and the public. And that is why good communication is invaluable. BlueIvyCommunications provides a variety of communications services for our clients, including:

  • Writing and Editing: Writing is at the core of good communications – regardless of the vehicle. BlueIvy Communications helps our clients research, develop and write messaging that is appropriate for their business.
  • Website Content: Unsure about the existing content on your website or in need of a new, fresher messaging? BlueIvy Communications can help write content for your website that gives your brand the professional look and feel it needs.
  • Brochure and Newsletter Content: Communicating with existing and potential customers can often be done with a newsletter or brochure. BlueIvy Communications clients have utilized newsletters to educate existing customers and market to new clients and/or patients.
  • Articles and Editorials: Waiting for a local journalist to write a story on you and your business? Be proactive and have BlueIvy Communications draft an article, feature story or editorial for you.
  • Blogging: It’s the newest way of communicating regularly with customers and “fans.” Don’t let your business get left behind. BlueIvy Communications can help research and write blog posts that get you and your business’ point of view and expertise out there for others to see.
  • Social Media: In today’s world, most businesses can’t afford not to be up on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.). Don’t lose out on potential customers and followers. Let BlueIvy Communications guide and manage your social media platform so you don’t have to!